Pick My Brain!

Would you like to have an expert's undivided attention?

You can literally ask me anything about writing a book, growing your business, growing your brand, or how to make deliberate sustainable lifestyle changes. 

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Book Writing, Marketing, & Production

The Realities of Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Growth & Lifestyle Change

Pick My Brain! sessions are scheduled for an hour, but I'm not a clock-watcher!


How to get the most out of our time together. This is one time it's ALL about you. 

What you need

Zoom or Skype so that we can use body language to convey our true thoughts. We could also talk on the phone if you prefer but I tend to use my hands and face when I communicate and I don't want you to miss anything.  Please also have a pen and notepad handy to take notes. There is a pre-session questionnaire. If you want you can also email me your questions beforehand, or you can just ask them during the session, whichever works best for you.

During the session

I'm easy going and serious, at the same time. The format is flexible and free flowing and I encourage you to take notes while we talk. Don't you hate it when you can't remember that one thing that will fix everything? The sessions are scheduled for one hour; if you plan ahead the return on your investment will be huge! I may send you links to resources during or after our talk. If I can't answer a question during our session I will find the answer, and email it to you. 

Why ask me

Rock Bottom has been the springboard of redemption well before I, too, ascended from its hard place. I've been homeless, depressed, and addicted. I'm also a former university Presidential Scholar and a successful 25-year plus entrepreneur. I've written a best-seller and an award-winning documentary film. I also have decades of professional experience across different industry sectors. And did I mention I am completely debt-free?

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I’ve taken advice from this guy for years. There was a time I’d be in a jam and couldn’t reach him, I’d wonder to myself ‘what would FJ do’? Now, I just schedule a session and get the answers I need. A lot of what he knows he learned the hard way. When he tells you something, he’s not guessing. His experience and knowledge are invaluable.
— Andrew S., MBA, Rollins College


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Launching June, 2018

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