Somebody has to be you, it might as well be you.

- What I Have for YOU -


Online Personal Development

I'm not into wishing or hoping. I'm not a fan of waiting for a handout or a leg up. Empower yourself with the support of expert instruction. From the privacy of your computer, learn time-honored tips for success. My courses share the tips I used to write 3 books, be a successful entrepreneur for 25+ years, and achieve financial freedom and personal satisfaction. You can do the same.

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Look Good, Feel Good

Dig If You Will. There are a lot of things to believe in, but you better be one of them. I’ll be the first to admit our collection is not for everyone. Primarily purveying clean tees, our clothing and accessories are for people with a little self-confidence. We know that how you do anything is how you do everything. What you put on your body says a lot abut what you think. Of yourself.

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Pragmatic Instruction

Well, for now, one book... After a lifetime of experience and a quarter-century of reading and reflection, I've developed a sense of what works. Certain principles apply to success in any endeavor. This is no BS; just what works. My writing style is uncluttered. The principles and techniques I share are pragmatic and applicable. If you're stuck this tool will unstick you.

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