There are a lot of things to believe in, but you better be one of them.

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Pragmatic Instruction

After a lifetime of experience and a quarter-century of reading and reflection, I've developed a sense of what works. Certain principles apply to success in any endeavor. This ain’t that BS; just what works. My writing style is uncluttered and crazy easy to follow. The principles and techniques I share are pragmatic and applicable. If you're stuck this tool will unstick you.

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Look Good, Feel Good

dig if you will Tees | More. I’ll be the first to admit that our outerwear and accessories collection is not for everyone. Our stuff is for people with a little self-confidence. If you dig the skin you’re in, we’re the company for you. We know that how you do anything is how you do everything. What you put on your body says a lot about what you think. Of yourself.

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Motivation | Inspiration

I'm not into wishing or hoping. I’m into self-determination and self-efficacy. Empower yourself or your business, educational, or religious group with the support of expert instruction. Topics include: Personal Leadership, Financial Literacy and Stewardship, Student Success Strategies, and Creative Entrepreneurship as a Non-traditional Career Path. This is the intersection of motivation, inspiration, and information.

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