Intentional Ascension Online Bootcamp Overview

Intentional Ascension is also the name of my online school. The individual courses are titled accordingly. If you want to take your achievement to the next level and finally understand how small changes in mindset, intention, and action create happiness, fulfillment, and success take a look at our online resources below.                            

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Improvement Begins With I - Fundamentals

Are you frustrated because you can't figure everything out fast enough? The few answers you do find only lead to more questions and endless hours of trial and measure. It is difficult to find the real-world pragmatic information that helps you get better instead of worse. Enter Improvement Begins With I. Sensible and practical video instruction accompanied by downloadable .mp3s, .pdf files, a workbook, and hands-on activity that teaches you proven time-honored success techniques and shows you how to apply them to your life.

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Improvement Begins With I - Mastermind Edition

Whether you want a lifestyle change or to advance your career, or to start drawing lines through your bucket list items, you do not have forever to make your dreams come true. Enroll in Improvement Begins With I - Mastermind Edition to make up for lost time. This is like classroom learning and you're the only student. I break down the concepts and illustrate actual examples that show the cause and effect of each technique. This edition includes all the training materials of IBWI - Fundamentals PLUS 6 extra Bonus Modules! 

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Monday Is Not The Problem - Membership Site

Social media is wonderful. That may even be how we met. But algorithms continually change and we need a way to stay connected and continue to grow. Monday Is Not The Problem is my vehicle to share weekly—guess on which day—bonus tools and tips that I curate and package. Membership grants access to all interviews I conduct, articles I write, and videos and audio files that I produce. I have lots of gems in the vault already and you will have 24-hour access as long as you are a member!

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I learned the college stuff in college. I learned the real world stuff from Mr. Preston. I just earned my third promotion in 15 months applying the skills and mindset I learned from Mr. Preston. My suggestion is to take a course, it’s cheaper.
— Danielle B., BA, Florida State University