Believe You Can

We have not been trained to distinguish between the possible and the impossible; as a procrastination technique, we substitute the latter for the former on matters of challenge or difficulty.

It is easier to think that something cannot be done. It validates making excuses. It gives permission to deny your own capabilities.

Your background or circumstances do not matter. What matters is what you believe you can or cannot do.

A belief is the intimate, unflappable knowledge of what you know to be accurate. It is a core emotional response; it isn’t based on logic.

Whether you think you can or think you cannot - you're right. - Henry Ford

Whether you think you can or think you cannot - you're right. - Henry Ford

It is fortunate for those of us aspiring to greatness, that truth is not based on facts. Truth is based on what we believe.

That’s great news because your brain demands that your body act in accordance with what it believes.

To understand what you believe, you will have to sit still in a quiet space and reflect on who you are. If you find your beliefs are inconsistent with your desires, don’t fret; beliefs can be changed.

It is quite possible that what you once believed to be true about life has been changed by experiences gained outside of the controlled environment of grade school and your parents’ home. The situations may have been the same the entire time, but how you view them alters your beliefs.

Control your thoughts because they become your beliefs. Your beliefs have power. They stand between what you think is impossible and what you think is possible.