Dream Killers and Dream Builders

You may have already noticed that there are plenty of people who are not thrilled about your ascent. Now that it is your turn to rise, there are plenty who want to jump ahead of you in line. If you’re in the beginning stages, do yourself a favor and learn to transform their negative energy into fuel to propel you towards your goal.

Ignore displaced pessimism and wannabe dream killers. They are part of the journey. Do not let their secondhand smoke cloud your focus. 

Learn to recognize their characteristics, their mannerisms, and their scent. Learn to prepare for their visits, shorten their stays, and minimize their effect.

If you have to acknowledge that those entities look very familiar, so be it. If they happen to have the same nose structure as you, the same amount of melanin, or the same parents as you, oh well. This makes them easier to identify and, though it may not appear so at first, easier to diminish their affects.

We are supposed to learn from other people, not quit because of them.

If you hang in there long enough someone will show up to help you reach your destination. You can’t reach high levels of success by standing on your own shoulders. Do not miss this point: highly achieving people are also highly supported people.

Men wanting to study for their master’s degrees have relied on a wife’s steady income and enduring support. Women wanting to strike out on their own have acquired credit, contacts, and potential customers from their husband’s vast network.

Do not be discouraged if that type of support is not currently part of your life. A wise man told me to inform you that you have not yet met 95% of the people who are going to help you. But they are on the way.